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A Guide to Auto Enrolment

Automatic Enrolment

What is it?

UK businesses who employ one or more workers have to put them into a pension scheme if they meet certain criteria

Who does this apply to?

You must automatically enrol everyone working for you:

  • who is aged between 22 and state pension age

  • who works in the UK

  • for whom you deduct income tax and National Insurance contributions from their wages
  • who is likely to have a gross earnings over £10,000 per annum
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Spring Clean Your Business

The daylight hours are getting longer which means that now is the time to start thinking about how you can do some much-needed business Spring cleaning.

But instead of just papering over the cracks or carrying out some minor cosmetic touch-ups, could this be the year that your Spring clean helps revolutionise the way that you work and add real value to your business?

Change your infrastructure

If you’re starting out running a business, using a spreadsheet can be a cheap way of keeping your figures together. But once a business is established, it may not be the best idea to cling onto spreadsheets.

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A service needed by over 4 Million Customers… what is it?

Bookkeeping of   course! “But why?” we often are asked. Well, here is the story.

All businesses in the UK are now required to keep records of their transactions which later are used by an accountant to file for tax and often VAT. Managing these transactions through bookkeeping is often the biggest headache to the small business owner and a task that is left at the bottom of the pile. What’s more, the new government is putting 50,000 new business owners to the test to check that they have their books in good order. But what if they don’t? What if YOU don’t have your bookkeeping up to date? Now there’s a question that can hurt your back pocket to the tune of up to £5,000 a go.

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Business Benefit from Budget

Businesses to benefit from Budget 2014

George Osborne’s “Budget for a Resilient UK” outlined a number of new measures, while also welcoming significantly improved growth forecasts, with the UK economy expected to grow by 2.7% in 2014.

Although the surprise announcement that the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) for capital expenditure has been doubled from £250,000 to £500,000 will not affect most small and medium-sized businesses, those with heavy capital investment plans will be cheered and the vast majority of businesses will now get 100% up-front relief on qualifying investment in plant and machinery.

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Real Time Information (RTI) Explained

Real Time Information (RTI) for PAYE

Real Time information will improve the operation of the PAYE system by creating more up-to-date taxpayer records and making the system easier for employers and HMRC to administer.

Why are HMRC changing PAYE

When PAYE was introduced almost 70 years ago, most people held just one job for most of their life and employers sent HMRC pay and tax information annually, but many people change jobs more frequently, or have multiple employments or pensions, making it more difficult for HMRC to keep their data up-to-date.

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