Bookkeeping of   course! “But why?” we often are asked. Well, here is the story.

All businesses in the UK are now required to keep records of their transactions which later are used by an accountant to file for tax and often VAT. Managing these transactions through bookkeeping is often the biggest headache to the small business owner and a task that is left at the bottom of the pile. What’s more, the new government is putting 50,000 new business owners to the test to check that they have their books in good order. But what if they don’t? What if YOU don’t have your bookkeeping up to date? Now there’s a question that can hurt your back pocket to the tune of up to £5,000 a go.


So, whether you are looking at buying a business, starting a business or you’ve already swam in the business ownership pool for a while… you need to have a plan for your bookkeeping to ensure your books are in shape. There are many options that business owners can consider: do it themselves, find a local independent bookkeeper or work with a  bookkeeping franchise.

As Sir Alan Sugar so eloquently once said: “stick to what you do best.” So, is doing your bookkeeping yourself a good or bad use of your time? Unless you have a background in bookkeeping, it’s probably a bad idea: it will take you three times as long, you are highly likely to make errors and you could be using your time on other areas of your business generating a much higher return.

So why should you let us here at Yours 4 A Day do your bookkeeping?

All staff fully AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) qualified

Our relaxed, informal style will put you at ease and with no secretaries to pay we can keep our costs really competitive.

We can do everything from your Payroll, Bookeeping, VAT, Self Assessment  right through to your final accounts. No job is too small so do get in touch today.