We only do what is absolutely necessary to get the job done – and no more.

 “For example,” says Yours 4 A Day founder Jenny Gadsby, “I have a big issue with people paying for balance sheets which they hardly ever use. If you do want a balance sheet we can do it, but you don’t need a balance sheet to do a tax return. Why pay for work that you don’t need?

 Taking care of business, taking care of you

 We do whatever we can to help. “A lot of people don’t like talking to the Inland Revenue,” says Jenny. “We do it for them, and very successfully too.”

 Our small office and low overheads allow us to offer very competitive rates, and our clients can pay us monthly, quarterly or annually – whichever suits you best.

 Limited companies catered for

 Yours 4 A Day’s own regular Chartered Accountant handles Limited Company accounts and End of Year accounts. “We will present clients with a bound copy of their Year-End Accounts, do their Tax Returns – that’s all in,” says Jenny. ” You don’t get a bill for your Year-End Accounts and then get a bill for your Tax Return, which is what a lot of people do.”

 Our client list covers everyone from sole traders to a company with a £2.5m turnover.

 Association of Accounting Technicians Qualified and Licensed.

 ‘Your own personal accounts department’