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Benefits of Cloud Accounting  02/02/2018

Cloud-based services have been rapidly growing in popularity in recent years, with businesses of all types taking advantage of the many benefits cloud platforms can offer.

Here are five ways cloud accounting could benefit your business.


Cloud-based accountancy software gives clients instant, easy access to their financial information.  Available anywhere you have an internet connection, on any device, cloud accounting platforms are user-friendly and present data in an easily digestible manner.

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Temporary Staff at Christmas and Auto Enrollment 11/12/2017

Companies may be taking on temporary staff over the festive season to help the cope with “Christmas Rush”, it should be noted that auto enrolment applies to these employees in the same way as permanent employees, even though they will be only working for a short time. It is however possible to apply postponement to temporary employees, which has the effect of delaying some of the auto enrolment duties, however there is a warning from The Pensions Regulator this process must be dealt with correctly!  

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Autumn Budget 2017  27/11/2017

Philip Hammonds first Autumn Budget reported on an economy that "continues to grow, continues to create more jobs than ever before and continues to confound those who seek to talk it down". It was light on tax content, but with some significant announcements. 

We have highlighted below some of the main headlines:

Research and Development
An additional £2.3bn will be made available to fund an increase in the research and development tax credit to 12%. This will take effect from 1 January 2018.

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The rise of the empathetic bookkeeper 16/10/2017

Some interesting thoughts from Debbie Mirisch, founder of Australian firm Biz Synergy about the way that the bookkeeping industry is changing and the importance of empathy with our clients, something that has always been central to the service we offer at Yours 4 A Day.

I was recently asked, ‘What makes a good bookkeeper?’ And while many answers came to mind, at the top of the list was empathy. I definitely wouldn’t have said that 25 years ago when I started out as an accountant – or even five years ago when I switched to bookkeeping.

The rise in how much human values matter runs concurrent with the degree of in-depth data that’s available to us on cloud accounting platforms like Xero.

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