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Workplace Pension / Automatic Enrollment Changes 03/12/2018


Minimum pension contributions will increase on 6th April 2019

What you need to do

It is your responsibility under the Pensions Act 2008, to make sure the right minimum contributions are being paid for your staff. If you are already paying above the increased amounts, you don’t need to take any further action. Yours 4 A Day Ltd will manage this process and increase your contributions accordingly. You will need to let your staff know about any increases being applied to their


Every three years certain staff must be put back into a pension scheme. This is called ‘re-enrolment’. More information can be found here. Yours 4 A Day Ltd will complete this process for you automatically three years after your original enrolment date and will charge a processing fee of £25.00 + VAT. Please let us know before your re-enrolment date should you wish to make alternative arrangements. All qualifying staff are required to be re-enrolled and will need to be informed of this in writing. Should they wish to opt-out they will need to inform the pension provider. Yours 4 A Day Ltd will manage this entire process as part of our processing fee.

Should you have any questions, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

Privacy Notice  28/06/2018

Our company privacy notice has been updated, please click here to view it.

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Benefits of Cloud Accounting  02/02/2018

Cloud-based services have been rapidly growing in popularity in recent years, with businesses of all types taking advantage of the many benefits cloud platforms can offer.

Here are five ways cloud accounting could benefit your business.


Cloud-based accountancy software gives clients instant, easy access to their financial information.  Available anywhere you have an internet connection, on any device, cloud accounting platforms are user-friendly and present data in an easily digestible manner.

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Temporary Staff at Christmas and Auto Enrollment 11/12/2017

Companies may be taking on temporary staff over the festive season to help the cope with “Christmas Rush”, it should be noted that auto enrolment applies to these employees in the same way as permanent employees, even though they will be only working for a short time. It is however possible to apply postponement to temporary employees, which has the effect of delaying some of the auto enrolment duties, however there is a warning from The Pensions Regulator this process must be dealt with correctly!  

Please contact us to discuss should you need more information.

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